ZolikaPatch V – HQ reflections, crash fixes & more

A fully standalone plugin for GTA V that fixes and improves various things in the game, without ever needing to wait for a ScriptHookV update.
Each option can be turned on or off in the .ini file, note that only some of them are enabled by default.

Current feature list:
– Make reflections reflect the world exactly as it appears, including high quality models and dynamic objects such as street lights, but not vehicles or peds (WIP)
– Extend the amount of modkit IDs for cars from 1024 to 32767
– Reduce the threshold velocity below which physics objects can “go to sleep” at, this means vehicles stop in a more realistic way and no longer freeze early
– Fix the crash when switching to a sniper rifle while aiming with your fists out in 2545
– Skip loading dlclist.xml, for people who don’t care about DLC and just want fast loading times (up to 2x faster)
– Randomize the order in which carvariations entries are picked for each car spawn
– Remove the draw distance from static vehicle shadows
– Remove checks against manually stepping through & pausing threads

Added UnlockModkitIDLimit option
Added RemoveAntiDebugChecks option
Fixed High Quality Reflections breaking tuning parts and wheels

Download the mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/zolikapatch-v-hq-reflections-crash-fixes-more

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