Will there be a new agent in Episode 4, Act 2 of VALORANT?

Each new act in VALORANT features exciting updates, ranging from new content like agents or maps to smaller updates like skins and minor features. Usually, fans receive at least one agent or new map per act, giving them something to look forward to each time. But Episode Four, Act Two won’t feature a new agent or map and will instead be focused on improving the “overall health” of the game. 

In the latest Dev Diaries video, VALORANT dev team lead Anna Donlon confirmed there won’t be a new agent or map in Episode Four, Act Two. Instead, the team will focus on improving existing content in VALORANT. This will include agent balancing, existing map changes, and “promoting good player behavior.” Donlon also confirmed a better-ranked experience is in the works, meaning the competitive playlist will likely receive a few changes. 

This might be disappointing to some fans who wanted a new agent with the new act, but it does mean existing issues will be addressed. Older agents could use some love to make them viable again, and a few maps also need minor changes to improve gameplay. Promoting good player behavior is also an excellent focus as it should help players enjoy their time in VALORANT

Donlon also confirmed a new agent is coming in Act Three, so it won’t be a drastically long time before another character is introduced to the game. Neon was also just released, so fans should have plenty of time to learn the newest agent before another is added to the mix. 

src: https://dotesports.com/valorant/news/will-there-be-a-new-agent-in-episode-4-act-2-of-valorant

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