Why are VALORANT competitive queues disabled?

The VALORANT team took the competitive queues down last night due to some game-breaking bugs, and players are waking up to no fix.

The issues first started late last night when players reported some big bugs that caught the attention of the VALORANT developers. One bug impacted Raze’s Blast Pack and the other bug was related to the Spike defuse sound not being audible in certain situations, although Riot did not expand on what those situations were or if they were consistent.

At first, the developers said that the game would receive a patch fixing the errors within one to two hours. But about an hour later, the VALORANT Twitter account told players that the bugs were trickier than the devs originally thought and that a fix would take much longer. With this update, the devs also told players that they were disabling competitive queues while they fixed the problem.

As for when the competitive game mode will go back up, the Twitter post says “hopefully by tomorrow,” which would mean that the mode may come back up at some point today, March 24. But at time of writing, there have been no additional updates that give a time frame on when the queues will be back up.

For now, those who want to play VALORANT will have to deal with unranked or find something else to play in the meantime.

src: https://dotesports.com/valorant/news/why-are-valorant-competitive-queues-disabled

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