Where is actually? A new Rayman magazine, hot topic

Doesn’t each of us have a game where we think: “Why isn’t there a sequel to this yet?” PlayStation Vita always at hand. Rayman Legends has been slumbering in the module slot for a long time and since I still think the game is incredibly good, I asked myself why there is still no successor for it?

It was supposed to be exclusively for the Wii U.

With its predecessor, Rayman Origins, which was the first game engine to be implemented using the UbiArt Framework, the French developer studio received a lot of praise and recognition. It looked nice and the crisp gameplay not only appealed to the press but also to gamers. Just a few months after the release of Origins, Ubisoft announced the successor Rayman Legends at E3 2012, which was originally supposed to appear exclusively for the Wii U from Nintendo. This did not happen, however, and so when the game was released in late summer 2013 it was also available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and a little later also for Vita. After that, versions for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and 2017 were released as Definitive Edition also for the Nintendo Switch (Order Rayman Legends from Amazon.de).

Since then, however, it has become more than quiet about Rayman. It can’t really be due to a lack of success. Although the company initially fell short of expectations, to the surprise of those responsible, the sales figures remained relatively constant, so that a positive conclusion could be drawn.

The best since Super Mario World

Even with his meanwhile seven years under his belt, Rayman Legends still cuts a fine figure. I’ve played the game on four consoles now and still like it.

On the one hand this is due to the already mentioned pretty optics, which is characteristic of the UbiArt Engine, but also to the gameplay. The level of difficulty is not too easy, but not too difficult either. The difficult passages regularly make you freak out, but arouse ambition rather than frustration. A balancing act that not all games manage as well as Rayman Legends. If you have fought your way through the levels of the different worlds and lost some hair, you will be rewarded with the really grandiose music levels. Here you can jump to the tack of well-known songs like Black Betty or Eye of the Tiger. The possibility to play the game in co-op is also great. Chaotic hunts through the levels or heated matches in kung foot mode have often developed.

The result is a 2D platformer, which for me provides a unique overall package that is incredibly motivating and fun. No other game of this kind could inspire me with its charm and humor as only Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo did before. Ubisoft would love to do more of it, but don’t screw it up. By the way, if you have the opportunity, the game is most fun on the Wii U. Due to the originally planned exclusivity, the gamepad with its touchpad has been incorporated into the conception, so that the controls feel much better overall than on Xbox or PlayStation . Because the passages with Murfy, where you prepare the way on the Wii U via touch control, make no sense on the other consoles. Only the version on the Vita that also has a touch display can score here.

Ubisoft, when is a new Rayman coming?

1642042806 945 Where is actually A new Rayman magazine hot topicUntil two years ago I was still relatively sure that we would see a new Rayman at some point, now I have strong doubts. This is mainly due to what we recently saw from the French. These were mainly generic blockbusters like Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Watch Dogs Legion. Unfortunately, you won’t find any smaller games that are perhaps a bit more experimental but don’t necessarily make a lot of money. Not so long ago this was regularly the case. Games like Rayman Legends, Valiant Hearts or Child of Light are nowhere to be found in the Ubisoft portfolio. There is currently only Gods & Monsters that could fit into this category, but what kind of game it is exactly. Except for an official announcement trailer and several postponements, we don’t really know much more than a year after the announcement. The official information on the website is still that the game should appear in 2020, but nobody really believes that anymore.

Unfortunately, I have the feeling that Ubisoft has gotten a little wrong in its planning and is focusing too much on the really big games, which have become more and more generic. I still don’t want to give up hope for a new Rayman, after all, the arm and legless protagonist is something like the mascot of the French.

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Small supplement. Gods & Monsters became to Immortals Fenyx Rising, actually came out in 2020 and turned out really well. Click here for our test on Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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