When does the new ‘Pitt / Pearl’ VALORANT map release?

A new VALORANT map seems to be just around the corner based on teasers from the official VALORANT social media accounts, as well as corresponding leaks, featuring a new, watery world for players to explore.

Recently, VALORANT has made multiple references to its newest setting, with pictures and videos of an underwater city permeating the game’s social accounts.

The city itself seems to carry some Portuguese influence, with text on images and posters including both English and Portuguese. Of course, that’s nothing compared to the main feature of the new setting, which looks to be in something of a reverse aquarium, with buildings and statues settled comfortably beneath the waves.

The new map, according to leaks, could be named “Pearl,” after previously being codenamed “Pitt,” and will feature two sites for attackers and defenders to play on. These names have not been officially confirmed, however.

With multiple teasers already released into the wild and a livestream discussing the upcoming Episode Five coming soon, players mostly have one question on their minds: When does the new map come out?

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Here’s everything we know about Pitt/Pearl and its release.

When does the Pitt/Pearl VALORANT map release?

Since the new map hasn’t even officially been announced yet, there is no release date for the Pitt/Pearl map. But players most likely won’t have to wait long.

The battle pass in Episode Four, Act Three is currently set to end on June 21, so it seems likely that the new Episode will begin the day after, on June 22. And since VALORANT is already teasing the new map, it will most likely come out with the release of the new Episode.

It’s been almost nine months since the release of Fracture, the last map to come to VALORANT. Releasing the newest map in the near future would make sense in terms of development times since it’s been a longer-than-usual stretch between map releases.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell for sure that June 22 will be the next map’s release date. Luckily, a stream on June 16 will most likely answer all player questions about the new Episode and the next map.

Either way, it’s probably best to finish the current battle pass if you haven’t yet. There are new rewards and places to explore right around the corner—or under the surface.

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