What is the VALORANT rank distribution?

Ranked is a daunting endeavor for any player in any game—and VALORANT is no exception. Wins are much sweeter, losses are much heavier, and clutches are much sweatier when there’s rank rating on the line.

In late August 2021, the VALORANT developer team gave us a precise look at the current distribution and clued us in as to what they hope to shape ranked into in the future. Now, we have the data to show if various changes to the game have achieved the type of distribution the team is looking for in Episode Five.

What is the current VALORANT ranked distribution?

This is the current distribution of ranks in VALORANT through June 2022, according to Esports Tales.

  • Iron One: 3.2 percent of all players
  • Iron Two: 4.1 percent
  • Iron Three: 6.6 percent
  • Bronze One: 7.5 percent
  • Bronze Two: 9.3 percent
  • Bronze Three: 9.0 percent
  • Silver One: 10.0 percent
  • Silver Two: 8.8 percent
  • Silver Three: 8.3 percent
  • Gold One: 7.9 percent
  • Gold Two: 5.9 percent
  • Gold Three: 4.8 percent
  • Platinum One: 4.1 percent
  • Platinum Two: 2.8 percent
  • Platinum Three: 2.1 percent
  • Diamond One: 1,8 percent
  • Diamond Two: 1.3 percent
  • Diamond Three: 1.0 percent
  • Immortal One: 0.9 percent
  • Immortal Two: 0.3 percent
  • Immortal Three: 0.2 percent
  • Radiant: 0.03 percent
Image via Esports Tales

The current ranked distribution in VALORANT trends toward the lower end of the scale, with over 50 percent of the ranked player population either in Bronze or Silver. But this distribution is also a much nicer-looking bell curve than the distribution the developers shared last year.

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Image via Riot Games

In a dev diary from last August, competitive designer Jon Walker relayed the team’s sentiment that there were too many players with lower ranks and not enough players with higher ranks. Their hopes for the future at that time were to reduce the number of players in Silver and move players to the ranks they belong in. While Silver remains the most-populated rank in the game, it doesn’t hold nearly as much of a share of the player base as it once did.

The team also successfully got rid of the trend of players hanging on at the bottom of ranks and generally has made the distribution of players more even throughout the ranks. There is still a case to be made that there are too many players in low ranks, however, and not enough players successfully navigating from Silver to Gold, and from Bronze to Silver.

The ranked distribution will also look drastically different as time goes on in Episode Five, with the addition of the new Ascendant tier between Diamond and Immortal. It’s unclear if this new rank will make the ranks immediately below it a little more full or if the low number of high-tier players will be stretched even thinner in the highest levels of the game.

We’ll update this article when more new information about the ranked distribution in VALORANT becomes available.

src: https://dotesports.com/valorant/news/what-is-the-valorant-rank-distribution

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