Vice City/Miami Taxi Driver –

This is an old edit i’ve made of Lcbuffalo taxi driver scripts , i replace los santos coord by vice city one to have some more gameplay on those map.
Like for the original , you can be a taxi driver ( this work with any vehicle including add-on and non taxi vehicles ) it’s not restrictive so you can drive like in crazy taxi and fight against times or just drive normaly and enjoy the city with good music.

Install :

put the files into your scripts folder in gta directory ( create if you don’t have )
you also need script hook v :

notice :
the map is not linked here because of the take down, you can find it on gtainside after some research, it’s also based on original vice cry locations and not the moved one

recommandations :


Around 50 differents locations for vice cry map mods
Vice City or Miami names

Credit :
Lcbuffalo for the initial scripts

Download the mod:

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