VALORANT’s Shooting Range and Custom Game modes temporarily disabled in North America, Brazil, and Latin America

Riot rolled out Patch 4.0 today, introducing Neon, the newest agent in VALORANT. While the launch of this new agent was rocky enough, multiple game modes have since been disabled to remedy issues in the standard matchmaking queues for some regions.

Earlier this evening, Riot shared it would be disabling the Shooting Range and Custom Game mode in North America, Brazil, and Latin America as the influx of players in these modes has been causing matchmaking issues for players. Right now, there has been no indication of when these modes will be activated once again.

Patch 4.0 is now live around the globe, but its launch did come with some complications. In these same regions, Neon was distributed as an unlocked agent, which led to Riot disabling her until the issue was fixed two hours later.

Fortunately, since the fix players can unlock Neon and play as her in-game without issue. The new agent is likely the driving factor for players that were using the Shooting Range or Custom Games to get a hang of her before playing in normal matchmaking.

It shouldn’t be too long for these modes to be live once again, but for the time being, players in these regions will have to stick to regular matchmaking.


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