VALORANT’s Episode 4, Act 2 battle pass includes new Lycan’s Bane skins, #SAVEWIDEJOY card, and ‘Home Again’ player cards

VALORANT Episode Four, Act Two will include an exciting new battle pass featuring new weapon skins, player cards showing agents enjoying their time off, and several new gun buddies and sprays. 

Players can get their hands on the new Striker skin line featured in the Act Two battle pass, adding skins for the Classic, Operator, and a new melee. New Lycan’s Bane skins will also be available for the Vandal, Stinger, Ghost, and Odin. The new Divine Swine Judge adds a bright color to the powerful shotgun.

The upcoming battle pass also includes 15 new player cards, including multiple “Home Again” cards showing agents enjoying some much-needed time off. 

“For the ‘Home Again’ player card series we asked, ‘what would be the first thing this agent would do when visiting home?’” associate producer Laura Baltzer said. “We tried to choose ideas that would remind players of coming home and hopefully the final artwork evokes those feelings. We also used this opportunity to develop some of our agents’ backstories.” 

The Home Again player cards feature Brimstone, Chamber, Cypher, Jett, Reyna, Skye, and Yoru enjoying some of their favorite hobbies in their home region. Brimstone is catching a baseball game while Skye is enjoying a hike. Each card in this series adds more lore and background to each agent, showing them away from the battlefield. 

The pass also includes eight other player cards, 14 sprays, and nine gun buddies. Another notable player card is the #SAVEWIDEJOY card, adding an in-game joke to the fan-favorite Widejoy player card that was recently removed. Players can unlock free items like the Cring Mance Spray or the All-purpose Slipperr Gun Buddy for free, but most items are only available in the premium pass. 

The Episode Four, Act Two batte pass costs 1,000 VP and will be released on March 1. 


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