VALORANT’s Episode 4, Act One battle pass includes 3 new skin lines, Karambit melee, and dozens of cosmetic items

VALORANT players have a new battle pass to enjoy in Episode Four, Act One, including several new weapon skins, a melee skin, gun buddies, and more. 

The Episode Four, Act One battle pass comes with dozens of exciting cosmetic items for players to unlock. The pass features the traditional 100 tiers of unlockable content, each with new items to enjoy. 

The new pass includes 10 gun buddies, 12 player cards, 12 weapon skins, one melee skin, and 16 sprays. The gun buddies include festive items like the Together Forever buddy, perfect for Valentine’s Day. Players can also show their teammates how smart they are with the Big Brain buddy or add a fierce cute character to their weapon with the Bunny Tactics buddy. 

Several agents also make an appearance in Valentine’s Day-themed player cards. Jett, Phoenix, and Sova each have a Be Mine player card, and the Valentine’s Tactics card shows the furry VALORANT buddies preparing special Valentine’s Day gifts. 

The battle pass also includes three new skin lines: Hyrdrodip, Schema, and Velocity. The Hyrdrodip skin line is available for the Bucky, Frenzy, Guardian, and Judge and features a brightly colored design reminiscent of pouring painting art. The Schema skin line is available for the Odin, Sheriff, Stinger, and Vandal. This skin has a red and black design with a grid pattern covering the entire weapon. This is the perfect option for players looking for a subtle yet impressive aesthetic. 

The Velocity skins are the final skins introduced in the battle pass. Players can unlock Velocity skins for the Bulldog, Phantom, Shorty, and Spectre. The pass also includes a new Velocity Karambit melee, perfect for spicing up your knife. Each Velocity skin comes in three variants in addition to the white and orange base variant. 

The Episode Four, Act One battle pass will be available for 1,000 VP on Jan. 11. 


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