VALORANT will reportedly get a new ‘Act Points System’ and daily boxes

A new VALORANT leak has suggested that players could soon get their hands on boxes that are rewarded for logging in daily or winning matches, as well as a new “Act Points System.” 

The ValorLeaks Twitter account posted an image earlier today showing boxes that will reportedly be given to players for logging in daily and winning matches. A new Act Points System is also reportedly coming to the game, and the boxes will reward these points. It’s unclear what players can do with these points or if they carry over between acts. 

This system was first leaked in December, although the new image gives a slightly clearer look at the supposed changes. Not much else is known about the new boxes or points, but players are already speculating about the Act Points and what prizes they might unlock. It’s unlikely they’ll allow players to purchase skins or premium items, but they might provide another way to get Radianite. Radianite is needed to upgrade skins and unlock other variants, making it a crucial currency. But it can be hard to obtain Radianite, especially if you don’t purchase each battle pass and refuse to buy it from the store. 

Riot Games hasn’t officially revealed this new system yet, which is subject to change.


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