VALORANT Patch 4.0 reduces 5-stack Rank Rating penalty, increases map randomization

VALORANT players can enjoy a reduced Rank Rating penalty when playing with a five-stack and increased map randomization in Patch 4.0, which is set to go live later today.

Playing with a full team in VALORANT can be a fun experience that prevents players from dealing with random teammates. Previously, players would suffer a 50-percent Ranked Rating penalty when playing in five stacks in Diamond Two and below. This made it tough to climb ranks as a group, taking away some of the fun. 

But Patch 4.0 reduces the Ranked Rating penalty from 50 to 25 percent, meaning players will see more progress when queueing with a group. It also means they lose slightly more RR when they struggle or lose, but it’s still a reduced amount. 

Patch 4.0 also increases map randomization, meaning players should experience more maps instead of playing the same map repeatedly. This won’t always prevent players from playing the same map back to back, but it should help the overall experience. 

The new patch is set to introduce Neon, VALORANT’s exciting new duelist, and notable changes to Bind and Breeze. Several weapons, including the Spectre and Guardian, will receive updates in Patch 4.0, changing how players approach save or eco rounds. Fans can check out all of the changes in the official patch notes

The popular Widejoy player card is also confirmed to be leaving in Patch 4.01, so enjoy the iconic card while you can. 


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