Riot disables Neon after accidentally releasing her as an unlocked agent to start VALORANT Episode 4

The newest VALORANT agent, Neon, is an explosive speedster with a ton of playmaking ability. But unfortunately, players were getting their hands on her too fast to start Episode Four because Riot Games accidentally released her as an unlocked agent that anyone could access immediately.

Riot tweeted out the mishap on its official VALORANT Twitter account, acknowledging that it has disabled her in the regions where Patch 4.0 has been released, which currently includes North America, Brazil, and Latin America. Europe has yet to receive the Episode Four patch.

Riot confirmed that the goal is to have Neon re-enabled a couple of hours after it took her offline, which should be around 2:30pm CT. When she’s back, players should be able to unlock her either by purchasing her contract or by leveling it up through missions and matches.

In addition to the release of Neon, Episode Four and Patch 4.0 includes a new battle pass, the new Protocol skin collection, numerous competitive mode tunings, significant changes to Breeze and Bind, and updates to several weapons. Riot also promised to fix the “Widejoy” banner, but not until Patch 4.01.

The weapon updates include buffs to the knife, the Ares, the Guardian, and the Bulldog. The Spectre received nerfs to its long-range, short-range, and moving-while-firing capabilities. The changes to Breeze are designed to help both attackers and defenders in certain situations, while the primary change to Bind was removing a powerful one-way smoke spot on short A.


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