Latest Ask VALORANT blog receives backlash from community

VALORANT fans were disappointed following an Ask VALORANT blog post released by Riot Games on May 19.

Ask VALORANT is a blog released by the creators to give the community insight into what the future of the game looks like. The most recent update touched on gifting skins, AFK penalties, and the much-anticipated replay system. Steven Eldredge from game production addressed the idea of a replay system directly, saying that “the shortest answer today is that there is no plan for a player-facing version of a replay system, as of now.”

This answer was not well received by the community and prompted two separate Reddit posts to trend on the official VALORANT Reddit. The first one was titled “Not spending any more money after that dev post,” while the other one said, “After this Ask VALORANT, I’m worried.”

The first post touched specifically on the lack of a replay system in the future despite previous talks of one coming down the line. In 2020, there was another Ask VALORANT blog post that directly addressed the replay system and said it was something that the devs were interested in exploring soon.

Meanwhile, the second post discussed the lack of gameplay-focused updates and touched on the mass amount of weapon skins and battle pass items being released instead. 

Riot’s other popular title, League of Legends, has a replay system that was implemented in the game after several years. It allows players to go back and look through their positioning and how they played the game, something that the FPS community relies heavily on to improve their performance. But two years after the original Ask VALORANT spoke on the replay system, the developers have taken a step back and the community was rubbed the wrong way.

“I’ve spent alot of money on this game. More then I want to admit,” Reddit user u/ksobeit said. “Always defending it against nay sayers. Had so much hopium thinking it’ll be the biggest esport in the near future. But after reading that dev post everything changed. I’m heartbroken.”


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