How to mute players in VALORANT

Most online video game players know that sometimes you’ll get the occasional toxic teammate who won’t stop using voice chat. In VALORANT, this problem can be even worse when trying to work as a team or going for a clutch play to win a round. For those who want some peace and quiet, there are a few ways to shut out all the noise and bring some serenity to the battlefield.

When in a match, press the ESC key to bring up the in-game menu. The first tab is titled Match and will feature all of the players in your server. You can then see various details about your teammates, including a player’s score, their economy, and ping number. But there are also options marked “Allow Communications” and “Team Voice Volume.” You can then uncheck the communication box of any player that you don’t want to hear anymore.

Screengrab via Riot Games

If a player is already being toxic in agent select, you can mute them from the get-go as well. Next to the target player’s name, there should be a little speaker icon that can be clicked to mute and unmute them as you see fit.

Lastly, you can disable voice chat completely by going to your general settings, clicking the Audio tab at the top of the screen, and clicking voice chat. Look for the team voice chat option and toggle it off. This way, you won’t hear any of your teammates without having to mute them. This last option might not be as ideal, especially if you want to speak with some of your teammates since good games stem from good communication.

It’s much easier to mute specific players who aren’t being positive in your games, so you can continue to work to victory. If someone’s mic is too loud or is broken, on the other hand, you can just lower their volume via the same in-game Match menu.


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