How to fix VAN 1067 Error Code in VALORANT

More users are receiving the Windows 11 update for their gaming PCs, and the transition may not always be that smooth. Some VALORANT players who upgraded their system to Windows 11 started receiving the VAN 1067 error code as they tried launching the game, preventing them from logging in.

The error may look server-related at first, but it appears due to an internal inconsistency caused by the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0. Players who receive this error usually have TPM 2.0 turned off on their system, and enabling it will be the ultimate fix.

In most cases, TPM 2.0 automatically gets activated as you install the Windows 11 update. Depending on your hardware manufacturer, you may need to turn it on manually, however, and here’s how you can do it.

  • Find out your BIOS hotkey
    • It’s generally the F2 or Delete keys, but you can never go wrong with checking your BIOS key before starting this procedure. You can simply do a quick Google search with your motherboard’s model and add “BIOS hotkey” next to it to find out which key you need to use to access BIOS
  • Turn on your computer or restart it if it’s already running
  • As your PC boots, spam your BIOS hotkey repeatedly
  • Locate the Security tab on your BIOS settings
  • Inside the Security tab, you’ll need to look for the TPM option which can also be featured as Trusted Platform Module
  • Enable TPM and save the changes before exiting your BIOS

Once you save the changes and leave BIOS, your PC should automatically boot and the VAN 1067 error should resolve itself.

If you’re having a hard time navigating around your BIOS settings, you can search for video guides that feature your motherboard model. These guides will give you the most direct instructions since BIOS interfaces change based on the manufacturer. Worst case scenario, you can always downgrade to Windows 10 and continue enjoying VALORANT.


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