G2 eliminate M3 Champions from 2022 EMEA VCT Challengers One playoffs, need one more win to reach Masters Reykjavík

G2 Esports picked up their biggest win of the 2022 VCT EMEA campaign so far today by defeating VCT Champions grand finalists and Masters Berlin winner M3 Champions in two maps. With this win under their belts, G2 are now one series win away from securing the third and final EMEA spot at Masters Reykjavík.

G2’s VALORANT squad started out strong on their own pick of Icebox, with a solid all-around team performance that saw each player go positive in their K/D rating. The team as a whole capitalized on a dismal showing from M3C’s Jett main d3ffo, who produced only five kills over 17 deaths and lost all five of his opening duels, giving way to a 13-8 G2 win.

The series turned to Bind, a favorite of M3C’s, but the map swung in favor of G2 after a 6-6 first half. Defense on Bind has typically been a strong point for M3C, who posted a 62.7-percent win rate on Bind defense rounds, according to THESPIKE.gg. But except for sheydos playing his typically impactful battle-Sage, no one on M3C stepped up to stop G2’s B-site takes.

A victory for G2, let alone a 2-0, is certainly a surprise given the form M3C had been playing in before yesterday. They picked up three straight group stage wins over three days, followed by a comfortable 2-0 win over Guild in the first round of the playoffs. But yesterday, M3C fell to the 5-0 Fnatic in an absurdly close three-map series, punctuated by a marathon 23-21 loss on Split. An “exhausted” M3C team just didn’t have enough to get past G2 today and will miss out on Masters Reykjavk after back-to-back grand finals at international VALORANT LANs.

G2 now await the winner of Team Liquid vs. Guild and will face that winning team on Friday, March 25 at 1pm CT.

src: https://dotesports.com/valorant/news/g2-eliminate-m3-champions-2022-emea-vct-challengers-one-playoffs

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