All map changes coming in VALORANT Patch 4.0

VALORANT Patch 4.0 is set to be released next week. But today, Riot Games revealed the patch notes, which include two maps, Bind and Breeze, each receiving a few changes.

Bind is getting two small updates, including a “new bench for a mix up when taking that first peek” and a change to a choke point that will now give attackers options to push through. The choke point is at Short A and previously allowed sentinels to smoke the location, leaving few options for attackers to push through it. The area will be changed to give attackers a shot at getting through the point.

Although Bind only has a few changes being made to it, there’s a long list of alterations for Breeze. A couple of smaller changes include two stacks of crates being added to the cave, an adjusted curved wall in Mid, and the door on B, which will have to finish opening or closing before it can be reactivated.

Some of the changes will have a bigger impact on gameplay. For example, the A Main choke will be changed to increase its width, removing the “fish in a barrel” situation where there’s one of two places an opponent may be. A Site will also be altered at the back, where a cover will be adjusted and the pool will be extended to the far wall. This change provides more cover to defenders and a place to retreat to.

A big part of the B Site will also be adjusted. The pillar will have added cover, there will be a new wall at the back of the site that blocks it off, and a stack of crates will be added to B Wall as well. The developers said in the patch notes that “the new cover on the pillar allows for new pre and post plant opportunities” and the adjusted back site will give players new places to find cover. The new stack of crates on B Wall seems like a small change, but the devs hope that they break up awkward fights and give more flexible options for cover when retaking or holding.

Another notable change that doesn’t appear in the patch notes is a fix for the Cypher cam exploit on Breeze that was used in a VALORANT Champions match by Brazilian team Vivo Keyd. The location of the camera allowed for a Cypher player to see through a spot on the top of a building. From the perspective of the player on the ground, the texture is solid and the Cypher camera can’t be seen. This created an unfair advantage for Vivo Keyd, which resulted in a competitive ruling by Riot.

Screenshots via Riot Games

The spot has now been textured appropriately so that the Cypher camera can’t see through the spot on the building that would allow the player to gain an advantage.


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