VALORANT turns 2 years old today

VALORANT has officially turned two years old today, providing the perfect opportunity to look at the highlights so far and think about what’s on the horizon for the popular FPS. 

Riot Games gave fans their first chance to try VALORANT during a beta on April 7, 2020. Thousands of players watched streams for a chance to get into the beta and try the new game that blurred the lines between other FPS games like CS:GO and Overwatch. Fans were finally able to download VALORANT on June 2, 2020, and it has continuously attracted thousands of players each day. 

VALORANT’s gameplay should be familiar to CS:GO veterans since it involves two teams trying to plant or defuse an explosive and features gunplay with a steep learning curve that is difficult to master. Most players who haven’t played a similar FPS title will likely go through an adjustment period, but sticking with the game is a rewarding experience. 

Throughout the last two years, players have received a consistent flow of new content, including new agents, maps, and features. Fade is the most recent character to join the roster, and Fracture is the latest battlefield added to the game. Each new character and map adds a unique experience, keeping the game fresh and requiring players to adapt to the evolving meta. 

The VALORANT esports scene has expanded since its humble beginnings and teams worldwide are competing for a chance to make it to VALORANT Champions and earn the bragging rights as the best team in the world. Fans have closely followed the exciting storylines as teams attempt to build dynasties and establish their names in the VALORANT history books. 

VALORANT’s second anniversary is a time to celebrate the fun and competitive title while looking forward to what’s coming. VALORANT is still relatively young and there’s a lot of content in the pipeline. New agents and maps are in development, and a mobile version has also been announced. New patches are released periodically to improve the state of the game, sometimes adding modes or helpful features. 


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