VALORANT player teleports behind AFK opponent, gets 3K in spawn

A VALORANT player used Omen’s ultimate ability to teleport behind an AFK player on the opposing team and used them for cover to secure two more kills. 

Omen’s ultimate ability is an excellent way to reposition against opponents or gather information before pushing into a site. A well-placed teleport can take the enemy team by surprise, allowing players to secure a couple of easy kills and help take an area with ease. VALORANT player VollrauschVolker showed how effective Omen’s teleport can be when they teleported behind an AFK enemy and used them as cover to surprise two other players. 

The player noticed the AFK enemy when they teleported into the defender’s spawn on Bind. But instead of instantly killing them, they hid behind them and patiently waited for more enemies to enter the area. Their team planted the Spike on A site, and B site defenders rotated through their spawn to help retake the site. They didn’t expect an enemy to be hiding behind their AFK ally and had no idea where they were being shot from until it was too late. The Omen player quickly killed three players, helping their team win the round without losing a single player. 

VALORANT agents have the same model size, meaning you can technically hide behind them without being seen. It is tough to line up perfectly with the silhouette of another player, but most opponents won’t look that closely at an AFK teammate.

Recreating this play will likely be tough, but remember it when you find yourself next to a player sitting in spawn. 


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