VALORANT player suggests a new game mode with randomized ablities

A VALORANT player has suggested a fun idea for a new game mode with random abilities despite which character you choose. 

Each agent in VALORANT has a unique set of abilities, allowing players to help their team differently. Aggressive players should use a duelist to take the fight to the enemy, while support players should consider a controller or initiator to help with other abilities. But what if abilities were random regardless of which agent you pick?

VALORANT player ryanjungoh suggested a new game mode where you can pick any agent you want, but their abilities are a random combination of abilities from all agents. For example, you could choose Omen, but you might have Skye’s dog, Sage’s wall, and Raze’s blast pack instead of Omen’s normal abilities. Players would need to communicate with their team to determine which player has which ability, resulting in a chaotic but fun experience. 

The theorized mode could finally allow players to fulfill the “Jett revive me” meme and would likely create more fun situations. Some players suggested maintaining the same ability slot, like only changing C abilities with C abilities and ultimate abilities with other ultimate abilities. This would negate some chaos and randomness and add a bit of balance to the possible mode. 

This mode wouldn’t be a balanced experience and the luck of the draw on abilities would significantly impact your win rate. But it would still be fun to see agents using new abilities and it’d be an excellent casual experience. 


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