VALORANT player sits atop cell tower to get better ping

One VALORANT fan took the phrase ‘ping diff’ to another level by booting up VALORANT from the top of a cell tower. 

A TikTok video surfaced on the VALORANT subreddit, showcasing someone going to the top of a cell tower and sitting on the main screen for VALORANT with the caption “POV: you are sick of bad internet at home”. 

Posted by Reddit user Infamous-Ad6981, the video starts with a close-up of a gaming laptop screen, and features the unknown player getting ready to queue up for a match of competitive VALORANT. Above the screen on the laptop are trees and hills, and the video pans to show that the player is not sitting outside, but instead on top of a cell tower. Before the video finishes, viewers can see just how high up the player is with a clear shot down the middle of the cell tower. While playing VALORANT on low ping may be fantastic, having to clutch a round almost 200 feet in the air would be daunting for anyone. 

Regardless of game title, internet ping plays a huge part in how online matches play out. VALORANT professionals have moved across the country to play from Texas just because the ping advantage is so strong. It can be difficult to play VALORANT without good ping, since internet speed and the amount of time it takes game information to reach a server can determine when an enemy sees a player versus when a player sees the enemy.

Still, while ping is massive factor in gun battles, it’s probably not a great idea to scale a tower hundreds of feet in the air for a slight ping advantage. Hold heaven on Haven or Split, and not in real life.


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