VALORANT player secures 1-vs-3 clutch with 0.01 seconds remaining in round

Securing a clutch in VALORANT is never easy, especially when the pressure is mounting in the midst of a close game. One VALORANT player found a way to cap off a clutch play and win a round at the very last possible moment—with exactly 0.01 seconds remaining. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a Skye player secured a one-vs-three clutch with almost no time left in the round and no direct path to a site to plant the Spike. With the clock working against them and three enemy agents alive, the Skye player only had 20 seconds to secure three kills and win the round for their team. Separating them from the enemy team, though, was a Barrier Orb (C) placed by an opposing Sage player. They vaulted the Sage’s wall and found two enemy players waiting for them in the defender’s spawn. 

The Skye player then dispatched the waiting enemies quickly with headshots from their Vandal, but only after they used Guiding Light (E) to blind their opponents. With two enemy players down and one left on the defense, the Skye player moved forward towards Fracture’s A Site, hunting down the final opponent. 

The Skye player was eventually tipped off to the final opponent’s location thanks to their enemy’s casting of Sova’s Ultimate, Hunter’s Fury. At this point, just under three seconds were left on the round’s timer. With only 41 hit points to work with, the Skye player brazenly peeked around a corner and stared down the enemy Sova from their position in A Link. 

With the hitbox for Hunter’s Fury hovering directly over them, the Skye player landed one final shot with just 0.01 seconds left in the round to secure the victory. Mere milliseconds before the damage from Sova’s ultimate ability would have dealt a killing blow to the Skye player, their Vandal’s shot landed on the Sova player, finishing off the round and extending the Skye’s team’s lead to 5-3.


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