VALORANT player recreates Split in Unreal Engine 5

A VALORANT player gave us a glimpse of what the game could look like in Unreal Engine 5 with a short clip showing a new version of Split. 

VALORANT has a distinct art style that gives the game a unique look without impacting its competitive integrity or overall performance. Each map also has a specific theme or aesthetic that adds variety and makes the game less repetitive. While these factors make VALORANT an enjoyable experience, some players wonder how it would look with beefed-up graphics and visuals. 

A VALORANT player solved this mystery by recreating a portion of Split in Unreal Engine 5, showing how incredible the map could look. The short clip shows a new version of B Lobby at nighttime during a rainstorm. The neon lights add an entirely new feel to the area, and the rain effects add a cinematic element. The short clip only shows a small portion of the map, but it’s enough to get anyone excited about how VALORANT could look on a different engine. 

Unfortunately, this will likely never happen as it could impact the game’s performance and make it harder to run on certain PCs. But the clip did give fans hope about a live-action version of VALORANT, which could translate well. Some fans even started explaining which actors should play each character, while others believe some voice actors could fill the roles. 

Riot Games recently expanded into television with League of Legends’ Arcane, and VALORANT fans hope a similar show will eventually come to life for the first-person shooter. Hopefully, it will look something like this. 


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