VALORANT player documents frustrating spawns in Deathmatch mode

A VALORANT player recently recorded their spawns in Deathmatch, showing how the spawn system often leads to untimely deaths. 

VALORANT’s Deathmatch mode has been a pain point for players since its introduction. It has improved since it was first released, making it a better choice for warming up. But it still has issues, making it a flawed experience. One issue players often bring up is the spawn system, which can sometimes put players at a disadvantage. 

Reddit user Lqzygus uploaded a clip of a Deathmatch where they repeatedly spawned in the same location, resulting in one-sided gunfights. They kept spawning near the same spot in B Cave on Breeze, which introduced a few variables to the match. The repeated spawn location meant they knew where the enemy that killed them was, allowing them to pre-aim and have a slight advantage. The same enemy Astra also spawned in the same position multiple times, resulting in a repetitive gunfight between the two players. 

Fighting the same person over and over in Deathmatch is not an effective warm-up method and can be frustrating. It can also result in better players killing the same person repeatedly, unintentionally allowing them to farm kills. 

Players should not be spawning in the same spot multiple times to avoid these issues, but this is not the case. Several other players shared their personal experiences with the Deathmatch spawn system and how it needs work. Riot Games has made changes to Deathmatch to improve the mode, but another round of updates might be needed to prevent issues like these from occurring. 


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