VALORANT player discovers how to get beneath Fracture with Sage wall

A VALORANT player has found a way to use Sage’s wall to get beneath Fracture by destroying it while attached to the zipline. 

Fracture is still one of the most controversial maps in VALORANT since players either love or hate the unique map. The map’s layout is drastically different from the other maps in rotation, causing many to avoid it, while others embrace its quirks and style. Regardless, players have consistently found new tricks and tactics on Fracture, including a way to get beneath the map with Sage’s wall. 

VALORANT player Joe_Chuck_777 posted a short clip of them placing Sage’s wall directly in front of the zipline running across Fracture. If the wall is placed in the right spot, players can activate the zipline while on top of the wall. If they destroy the portion of the wall they’re standing on, they’ll be launched forward as if they were attached to the zipline. 

If done correctly, players can destroy the wall to launch themselves on a beam beneath the zipline, successfully escaping the playable area. Once you’ve made it to the beam, you can get outside the map and explore the canyon beneath. You can also walk beneath most of the map and see a unique view of each area. 

This tactic isn’t very practical in a real game since it requires a few steps and can be dangerous. You could potentially save a weapon using this method, but we suggest trying out the maneuver in a private match first. 


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