VALORANT player creates Brimmy, an app that breaks down line-ups for 5 agents with video and written tutorials

A VALORANT player has made a new app called Brimmy that breaks down over 100 line-ups for five different agents with helpful video and written tutorials. 

Ability line-ups are a crucial part of VALORANT since they can help teams take or defend sites, potentially being the difference between defeat and victory. Certain characters heavily rely on line-ups to be effective and having a few up your sleeve can significantly improve your performance. But remembering dozens of line-ups can be tedious, especially if you use multiple agents. 

VALORANT player Zion Calvo decided to create an app to track line-ups, cataloging line-ups for five different agents across each map. The result is Brimmy, an incredible app that currently includes a breakdown of over 100 line-ups for Brimstone, Viper, Sova, Killjoy, and KAY/O. 

Brimmy allows players to select their preferred agent, the map they want to learn line-ups on, and which area they need a line-up for. The app includes a video breakdown of each line-up and a written description with pictures. It also assigns a difficulty level for each line-up and the drop time for the abilities, letting players decide if this is the right option for them. 

The app currently only includes line-ups for those five agents, but the developers confirmed in the Brimmy Discord server that other agent ability line-ups will be added once there is “enough content for said utility.” 

Every VALORANT player should consider downloading Brimmy since it is an excellent source of information for players of all skill levels. You probably shouldn’t reference it right before your team takes a site, but memorizing a couple of line-ups for each map will help you become a significantly better asset for your team. 

Players can download Brimmy from the App Store or Android Play Store and reference the line-up videos on the official Brimmy YouTube channel

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