TrackMania Turbo Multiplayer Codelist – Tips & Tricks

You have bought the new TrackMania Turbo and under Multiplayer the menu item “Secret” discovered? Here you can enter different key combinations to unlock different local multiplayer modes. So that you don’t have to try out a total of 58 different combinations, we have done this for you and prepared a list of the corresponding codes for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In total there are only 14 different modes that you can unlock, which means that the remaining combinations have multiple uses.


In addition to the stunt mode, which is also available online, you can also bonus and smash play. While in bonus mode you get a kind of item at every checkpoint, be it the ability to jump or become small, you can really accelerate with Smash, because you can now press a button so quickly instead of the usual shoulder button “smash”Must as it is possible. In Classic Mode you can even activate the collision query and juggle your opponents properly. Personally, I liked the Mono Screen mode the most, because it reminds me so much of Micro Machines. The goal is to leave the opponent behind so that he gets off the screen.

Have fun chasing the best time! If you find any bugs, tell us in the comments!


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