This new Astra tech could catapult you to more wins on Breeze

A VALORANT player discovered a neat trick on Astra that allows the agent to climb up usually unclimbable places on Breeze.

With a number of videos and detailed guides on specific agents, crosshair placements, and map callouts, trying to climb up the ranks can be really tough. So instead, this person found a new tactic to help boost his game with this new Astra tech on Breeze.

The strategy is that you place an Astra star at the top of where you want to be and then Astra will continue to climb up the object. In this video, a Reddit user climbed up both Pyramids and mid-chute. He placed a star at the top and then jumped, sucked, and then spammed crouch in order to ascend up the two Breeze objects like an elevator.

How to execute the Astra Tech on Breeze

Image via Riot Games.

In order for this to work at mid-chute, you will need to make sure the vent is opened up from Halls for this to work. While it would be easier to make this happen with two people, that is not always needed and it can be performed with just one person.

All you have to do is drop down from the vent and then instantly go back up before it closes. While not the ideal usage of being able to climb up the mid-chute whenever you like, it is a neat trick that can create possible noise-fake situations. 

If the enemy hears you drop, then they will adjust to your presumed rotation. In actuality, you are just climbing back up the chute before it closes through Astra’s stars.

This trick is not something that will break the competitive VALORANT meta on Breeze, and it is a very tough mechanic to do consistently as you need to ensure you can continuously maintain the crouch rhythm to go up.

If it is done correctly, however, it is a nice tactic that could be used to switch up the round strategies if you are behind. So if you ever find yourself in an anti-eco scenario, this play could be your way back into the game. Otherwise, the normal Astra play will serve you just fine on your journey up the rankings in VALORANT.


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