The VALORANT Wayfinder Shorty Shotgun is now available through Prime Gaming

VALORANT players with an Amazon Prime subscription can now get the Wayfinder Shorty skin as a free reward through Prime Gaming. 

VALORANT players with a Prime Gaming account are no strangers to the exclusive content. But weapon skins are a new addition to the free loot, adding a higher tier of free content. The first free skin is the Wayfinder Shorty, which sets the bar high for all future Prime Gaming rewards. 

The new Wayfinder skin adds a futuristic look to the powerful shotgun that’s deadly at close range. The design is similar to Chamber’s color scheme, although it will look good with any agent. Most enemies won’t have a chance to look at your skin when they’re on the opposite end of your barrel, but at least you’ll know how stylish you look. 

The Wayfinder skin is available through Prime Gaming for any VALORANT player with an active Amazon Prime subscription. This is the latest in-game VALORANT reward and any player who doesn’t have a subscription should consider getting one to reap the benefits. 

There are also Prime Gaming rewards for several other games like League of Legends and Battlefield 2042, meaning you can unlock exclusive content for almost any significant game you enjoy. Players can even use a free trial to unlock the current Prime Gaming items, although this will prevent you from unlocking any future content. 

Make sure to grab the Wayfinder skin and add it to your VALORANT collection before it’s gone forever. 


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