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You can use the discount code STG-H2A1 for 20% Discount in EVERY SCRIPT

Advanced Market
Custom Frame with URL
Crosshair + Hitmaker
Purchaseable Garage

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 200
Requirements es_extended or qb-core
Support No

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Is it possible, to use it with other taser-scripts like timertazer, so that the effect of beeing tazed is visible for the person, who is getting tazed?

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Free releases must contain a direct download link. If this is meant to be paid, then please remove the free tag.

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Script is free u dont need pay

Just because I was interested in what you said and checked (took me less than 20 seconds)

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Then add a direct download link, as said in the Releases Rules and FAQ.

Just a heads up cant use Tebex for something free, just upload it to GitHub it’s super easy.

I don’t know how you tampered with it, its normal level is 0.03 max.

Yeah on Hige End PC 0.3 maybe. But normal pc recomended for Gta V 0.7-0.8 but code is open and not the problem.

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my graphic cart is gtx 750ti but oke i will check thanks for feedback ^^

while true do
local player, distance = ESX.Game.GetClosestPlayer()
if distance ~= -1 and distance <= 3.0 then
local id = GetPlayerServerId(player)
local ped = GetPlayerPed(player)
local coords = GetEntityCoords(ped)
for k,v in pairs(Players) do
sleepPlayer = 1
if id == k then
targetPlayer = id
DrawText3D(coords.x, coords.y, coords.z+0.20, STG.Locale[“remove”])
targetPlayer = nil
client line 161/182
That is the problem when u use the Taser then ms go up and es_extended and not droping down.

So does this use the current taser in the game weapon_stungun and adds the cartridge ?

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yes, and besides, the person who was shot stays on the ground until someone else takes out the cartridge

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/taser-stg-taser-esx-qb/4882233

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