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Hi there, wonderful community! We’ve ran a survey on the game client main page for the past day, and there’s been an overwhelming amount of responses. The survey will remain open for the time being, and we’ll keep updating this post with new concerns that come up from the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a few of the highlights that you, the community, have been worried about, along with a strategy on what’ll be done about these points.

Technical issues

Player slots

This has, again, shown to be your #1 concern. You have voiced it being a pain to want to get into a specific server, only to be told it’s full, in various ways.

We’re hard at work on making OneSync usable for most servers, and there’ve in fact already been a few servers that decided to ‘take the plunge’ and run OneSync’s early-access preview, and there’s an ever-decreasing amount of issues remaining.

What surprised us is that ~50% of players did not know that OneSync/‘64 slots’ had an early-access preview already. If you run a server, already have a premium subscription, and don’t run OneSync yet: please let us know what’s holding you back from at least running a test on a single server – user reports will always help!

While waiting, server owners can do a lot to mitigate this issue players experience even on the ‘old’ framework: hosting multiple servers with a shared data storage or using a queue system are just one of the relevant examples in this regard.


This specific concern keeps coming up time and time again. We’re gathering a lot of data on crashes, but most of the ‘popular’ crashes have absolutely no means for us to reproduce the issue – we’re going to investigate an option to allow users to write information in the crash report dialog that they feel could help us to reproduce issues.

Also, a lot of users mentioned crashes that don’t result in sent crash reports, but just exit the game immediately. We have absolutely no information on these at all, however if anyone is experiencing any sort of regular crash at all, do try to report them on the forums! There’s no reason any resource can be considered ‘broken’ and should crash, any such case where a bad resource crashes is nothing but a bug in either GTA V or FiveM for most purposes.

We’ll continue the periodical ‘highlight hunting’ where we try to investigate fixes for top crashers once OneSync is more usable. Indeed, we can’t do multiple things at once, sorry. :confused:

Also, there’ve been a number of mentions of ‘switching servers’ crashing; it should be noted that most of these are R* bugs in the DLC system that are primarily exposed by the way we allow directly hooking into the R* content manager: oftentimes these bugs are remarkably sneaky and well-hidden and sometimes even requiring a rewrite of the specific game subsystem to repair.


Another ongoing concern has been game performance, people mentioning they get ‘very low frame rates’. This usually is caused by third-party script resources being written in an inefficient fashion, however we continue to attempt to improve this as much as possible without risking compatibility with existing server resources.

If anyone is hitting this on any server at all: please report ETW traces. We’ll post a guide on how to do this in the coming weeks. :slight_smile: Also, any server owners that have issues on their servers: we’ll gladly investigate your server to figure out how to improve the framework for everyone.

Server browser

There’ve been a number of non-specific complaints about server browser performance and a few in particular concerned about the update rate. The issue is, however, that there’s 3000+ servers running at all times – keeping data updated for all of them in real-time would be an immense undertaking, probably requiring ~3-4x more servers than we currently use for the server browser backend; while querying all such state directly from the client would be a potential fix (we already do so for ping packets), this might also overload certain brands of consumer routers unless the ‘update rate’ would be either lowered or made configurable.

This is a concern we’ll take seriously in the short term. We’re also going to improve discoverability of scrolling down on the server list – there’s currently no visual indicator of scroll position, and it might not be noticeable that people can scroll down.

To those of you that raised concerns about the design of the server browser: what would you consider a decent design for the server browser?


There’ve also been a few complaints about documentation, the specific elements tasked with this have had an extreme shortage of time to dedicate to the project, and the issue with documentation is that it takes time away from addressing more core issues with the project itself. We’re still intending on opening up the repository for early 2019, and already have opened up the natives documentation for user contributions.


It’s hard to say anything about this issue as it’s mostly being fixed behind closed doors, but we still continue to maintain our reactive approach to publicly-released cheats, and privately-released cheats that are ‘donated’ to the elements in order to add mitigations to methods used.

OneSync will also allow further possibilities to server-side anticheat scripts, so that is the main priority in the medium-long term when it comes to unauthorized game modding activity.

Third-party application support

There have been a number of concerns about recent updates accidentally blocking third-party graphics tools. While oftentimes these tools are closed-source, and can’t be fixed nor have issues reported by the FiveM developers been resolved at times, in a number of cases these tools can be fixed with some workarounds.

We encourage you to report any tool you expect to work on FiveM, so that we can work on a workaround, or communicate with the tool developers to fix whatever causes them to not work on FiveM.

However, some of these tools have requirements for specific hardware we do not possess: these are usually the hardest to resolve. :confused:

Official resources

We’ve seen a number of requests for ‘official resources’ that do something useful – not to worry, once the OneSync scripting API exists, we’ll work on a rewrite of the core resources repository and adding a number of resources to do common things that you might want to see done in a proper way.

Sync ‘issues’

There’ve been a number of complaints about ‘desync’. This’ll likely be resolved by the time OneSync becomes mainlined, though if anyone has a repro we’d gladly look at these concerns.

Server awareness

A few people mentioned that it’s a shame that the server can’t be used to get/change game state. It’s currently planned to have APIs to do most these things in a familiar way after OneSync is rid of most ‘core’ issues.


Some people complained about updates that break the game, where others complained that there’s barely any big updates. It’s hard to keep everyone happy at the same time, and similarly it’s impossible for us to test all 3000+ different servers for regressions – we typically test updates with internal testing groups beforehand, but these oftentimes are not a representative sample of server owners and players.

We’re considering alternative strategies on this, including ‘staged rollouts’ and feature flags.

DLC ‘delays’

We’re working on something great to be released really soon. :wink:

Community concerns

Friendliness issues

People often voiced concerns about the general attitude in the community. We’ll work on a new moderation policy and a community code of conduct to hopefully resolve issues like this.


We’re working on the project ‘on the side’ next to busy lives and oftentimes full-time jobs/studying – so oftentimes things might not be documented/communicated well when implemented.

This is something we are aware of, but we can’t resolve this for the time being; we oftentimes simply lack the manpower to do such things.

However, we’ll make it more obvious that the ability to email [email protected] exists. :slight_smile:

Consistent moderation

This will be resolved by a new moderation policy.

Exclusivity for hosting


Hosting the project is not free. We have expenses for hosting, software licensing, and other things. We have carefully selected partnerships with selected providers to ensure the project’s continuity.

However, we’ll work on making it easier to set up a VPS from any VPS provider for usage with FiveM.

The ‘profit’ rule

A number of people raised concerns about not being able to profit from servers. We’re working on plans to allow server owners to gather donations in a safe and predictable fashion, however there’s a large amount of legal and business red tape that we have to go through before being able to offer this.

Discord organization

The Discord chat will be reopened fairly soon, and hopefully be bound to general account trust levels rather than ‘just’ being able to gain access to places by donating.

‘Chain of command’

We’ll appoint ‘formal’ support/moderation volunteers over the course of the next weeks. These will be required to hold to a moderation/support policy, and will be selected from active community members, as well as current moderation/support staff.

Keeping a distance from ‘core’ staff and ‘external’ staff has shown to be evidently problematic in the past.

Server owner interaction

We’ll set up a clear contact point for significant server owners to discuss concerns about the project, get in touch directly with project development staff, and participate in decision making processes regarding the project’s future and continuity.


We’ll be writing a more detailed summary about the more positive and statistical things once we’ve gathered more data.

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