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Here’s a set of rims sporting modern street riding tire tread. I felt YDrop’s Lore Friendly Bike Wheels slick tires had too high of a profile and I wanted somethin more than the straight slicks from BLZ Modding’s Supermoto Wheels. These rims here sit on a the vanilla LSC tires (which are fairly low) and now have tread closer to somethin you’d see on a sport/standard motorcycle.

As of now, I’ve only gottem replacing the a handful of rims and bike tires. I’ll def replace others as I see fit or as requested. I may eventually switch to add-ons, but I dunno. It’s not a 1 for 1 replication of modern tread, but I feel it’s a decent attempt. Again feel free to request this treatment for other rims, custom designed tires (as found in LSC) or chrome rims. Dirt and normal mapping is included and demonstrated in image #4.

Credits to YDrop & BLZ Modding for the idea of altering motorcycle tread and BLZ Modding once again for demonstrating his method of tire modification.

Drop the Base Game Rims .ydr files into

and the Bikers Rims .ydr files into

Backups are always recommended.

-Street Special
-Racer (Custom Tires Only)
-Track Star & Track Star (Custom Tires)
-Wires & Wires (Custom Tires)
Added in the Bikers update
-Romper Racing (Custom Tires Only)
-Futura (Custom Tires Only)
-Cartwheel & Cartwheel (Custom Tires)

Download the mod:

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