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Since 21.12. the last, final DLC Silver Lining for the Spider-Man DLC campaign is ready for the PS4. This completes the story of The City That Never Sleeps. After the robbery was exciting and the second DLC, turf wars, was rather sobering, we take a particularly critical look at the grand finale.

Silver Sable is back in New York!

After a 3.2 GB download and either for €7.99 or in the Season Pass for €19.99 you get the big DLC ​​finale of Spider-Man on the PS4. In the process, Silver Sable comes back to New York to retrieve their gear from Hammerhead and his henchmen. She makes no compromises and needs her weapons to continue to stand up for the oppressed in her homeland’s conflict. When hunting through the streets of New York, a total of four optional side activities and seven other trophies await interested wall crawlers.

All roads lead to this!

1645074014 175 Spider Man DLC Finale Review Why Silver Lining Does Everything RightYuri, Hammerhead, Silver Sable, MJ, Miles and countless thugs are just waiting to help Spidey out or take him out. The last episode’s credits made it clear that this isn’t the last time we’ve seen Hammerhead. His minions are still active in town, popping up wherever Silver Sable gear is waiting to be stolen. It takes a lot of persuasion from Peter before Silver Sable agrees to work together. Those who only concentrate on the story will see the last Spidey credits flicker across the screen after about 1.5 hours. Aside from the main story, various screwball challenges await again.

Screwball rather meh, the rest is great!

OK, I have to admit that I didn’t find the sneak sections with Mary-Jane or the screwball challenges particularly motivating or well designed. What I liked even more here was the absence of stealth sections and the fact that the screwball tasks are purely optional. While there is a section where, as Peter Parker, you have to follow a suspect on foot down the streets and at times blend in with other passers-by for camouflage purposes, it’s an extremely short section. At no point is speed taken from the action-adventure.

1645074014 438 Spider Man DLC Finale Review Why Silver Lining Does Everything RightHammerhead’s people run riot in New York’s urban canyons, giving Spidey the opportunity to prevent or stop further crime in some boroughs. The bad guys have a new type of enemy with them: thugs with battle armor very similar to Hammerhead’s. They dish out as hard as the big guys known from the main game, but are much more agile. Above all, the variant with jetpack throws itself particularly effectively into the fight against Peter.

Working through the Olympus bases provides us with some more and interesting story snippets, centered around a Sable Industries employee who comes from the same country as Silver Sable. As we battle the bases and recover the Sable weapons, we learn more about Silver Sable and how she became the badass mercenary we’ve come to know. It’s worth it!

It is also worth stopping for a moment when Miles calls you and not starting the next mission before the call is over. Or did you know why mathematics is important when disguised as a human spider swinging through New York on self-developed threads? Clearer accents are set here for another Spider-Man excursion on the PS4.

1645074014 197 Spider Man DLC Finale Review Why Silver Lining Does Everything RightLast but not least, we find an audio recording right in the middle of the story, of which there are a total of nine pieces to be found at various locations in the city. This scavenger hunt doesn’t seem very demanding at first, as the locations are marked on the map. On site, however, it still requires some search work until you have found the clues at the crime scenes. Why should you do all this? Because this is about Yuri’s fate. She has been suspended for her crackdown on Hammerhead for his brutality towards the cops, her fellow officers. She too will definitely make another appearance in a potential sequel. And somehow her character change is also absolutely understandable, which maybe makes it so scary. What am I talking about exactly? Well, for that you have to go through all nine locations!

But apart from the optional side activities, the main story is still waiting: here you fight, hunt and try to protect as much equipment from Hammerhead as possible. Silver Sable gets several damn cool performances and makes it clear that technically they don’t have to hide behind Wakanda or Stark Industries. All in all, there is more action here than in the other two chapters and everything ends in a boss fight, which can definitely be understood as such and will also pose a challenge for well-equipped spider heroes. On top of that, we’ll find out what happened to Blackcat! The fight, the associated gameplay elements and the path to this fight, as well as further background information on the Olympus project by Sable and Oscorp, not only round off this chapter, but the entire DLC campaign in a meaningful way.


That was close! After the last DLC was very disappointing overall, Spidey finds his way back to his old strength in Silver Lining. The story is exciting, is also told in an exciting way and finally the DLC gives us a worthy boss fight that we had to do without in the previous downloadable content. The side quests provide interesting story additions and also put some side characters on a path for a sequel. The phone calls with Miles also contribute to this. However, DLC newcomers should not enter here, since story-wise knowledge from robbery and also from turf wars is required. Of course, there are new suits as well as new screwball challenges. There is no stealth this time, apart from a short walk as Peter Parker. The time has now come to evaluate the entire campaign of “The City That Never Sleeps” and even if the adventure in the middle, especially when viewed individually, showed considerable signs of fatigue, the overall package is convincing. Not least thanks to the convincing conclusion. Spidey fans can’t go wrong with the big DLC ​​pack! Except perhaps that the wait for a sequel feels even harder to endure.


Spider-Man – Silver Linings

reader rating1 review


great story ending

Exciting information about numerous secondary characters

challenging boss fight

no sneak sections

Screwball challenges heavily worn

relatively short with 1.5 h story missions

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