Sources: CLG look to enter male VALORANT and apply for partnership

North American organization CLG is set to enter VALORANT in the coming months following its application to compete in the partnered league next year, multiple sources told Dot Esports. 

CLG has a long-standing history with VALORANT developer Riot Games from its time in the LCS, the franchised North American League of Legends league. The organization is one of the oldest, spanning over 10 years of competition. 

CLG fields a VALORANT Game Changers roster that it will likely use to leverage in its partnership application. 

The organization will attempt to field a male VALORANT team in the next few months but it will face fierce competition from other top organizations looking to have a roster in the partnered league. 

CLG, like almost all other top North American organizations, has applied for a partnership with Riot for VALORANT. If accepted, CLG would compete in the partnered league alongside other accepted organizations. This league, which will begin next year, will also feature teams from Brazil and Latin America. 

Other organizations will look to enter the North American league since it will likely result in the highest viewership. For example, European-based organization G2 has applied for North American franchising, as first reported by journalist neL and confirmed by multiple sources close to Dot Esports. G2 has also applied for the European league as a backup option, according to sources.

Teams will be told if they are accepted into their respective partnered leagues around September, close to the start date of VALORANT Champions, the most anticipated event of the year. 


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