Sidio Pocket Flashlight [Add-On | SP / FiveM]

A pocket-sized, widely customizable analogue of vanilla flashlight. Perfect for your policing job or searching for things deep inside her closet.

– Scratch-made models
– Handmade textures, fitting to GTA 5 style and lore
– Customizable light type (White, UV, Redlight, ???)
– Color tints, camouflage paint
– Custom weapon wheel icon
– Language files for most languages available in game

Spawn names:

Utility Yellow
Sport Orange
White Metal
Gold Metal
Pink Metal
Blue Metal

Use Zolika1351’s Trainer to easily change tints, colors and components.

If your game crashes:
This mod adds custom weaponinfo and pickups data, for which GTA assigns limited memory. If using weapon mods on any of recent GTA versions, you really need Weapon Limits Adjuster to raise these limits.

Also, try raising CPickupData pool value in gameconfig.xml (to 512 for example) – I’ve commonly had crashes with weapon mods because of it, sadly most popular gameconfigs don’t apply this now important edit.

If previous steps didn’t help, install Pool Manager and attempt finding out what exactly causes the crash for you. Feel free to ask for help here in comments.

1.1 – fixed HUD icon autoinstaller .oiv.

w/ – Model, texturing, porting to GTA, configs, dlcpack and FiveM resource
Wildbrick142 – HUD icon and related gfx configs
Nacho – Reference images
TheSecretPower – HD Sidio logo
HeySlickThatsMe – Weapon tints explanation

Use this mod wherever you want. Re-uploading is allowed as long as proper credits are given, a link to this page is present and a message to me is sent. No monetization of this mod is allowed in any form. Thank you.

If you like my work and want to support me, please consider donating here at Boosty. Unfortunately this seems to be the only way that’s currently working in my country. My apologies for the inconvenience and thank you.

Download the mod:

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