Shrewsbury Stamped Rifle [Add-On | Animated | Tints]

Designed in 1950’s Soviet Shropshire, the Shrewsbury Stamped Rifle marked the beginning for the modern age of small arms. Favoured by Socialists and SoSan Sureños’ alike, the Stamped Rifle is a brute in the world of assault rifles both for stopping power and unrivalled reliability. Just don’t dump it into a wheelbarrow of wet mud.

Requirements (NOT OPTIONAL): (Version 1.2)

To install, drag the ‘stampedrifle’ folder to your dlcpacks folder and add an entry to dlclist.xml under dlcpacks:/stampedrifle/

To spawn in game, open Zolika’s trainer and navigate your way to the weapons menu until you locate ‘WEAPON_STAMPEDRIFLE’.

Rockstar Games – Source Assets
TheRaf3D1, HeySlickThatsMe – Help along the way

Download the mod:

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