Rockford Plaza Retextured [Replace / Add-On]

My retexture for rockford plaza. to give it an up to date paintjob and look with what i could do. its the updated look of the beverly center irl. painted white with real ads like gucci, dior, macys, bloomingdales, LV and coach.

drop the .ytd and .ydr files into the bt1_04.rpf using openiv in edit mode.

found here

Grand Theft Auto Vmodsx64l.rpflevelsgta5_cityesunsetbt1_04.rpf

if you do not have x64l.rpf in your mod folder copy it to you mods folder then follow the first step to the path specified.

or to use the addon in the addon folder.
drop the rockford_plaza_retextured folder to Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdatex64dlcpacks

then edit dlclist.xml found here Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata

then add this line to the bottom of your packs in dlclist.xml dlcpacks:rockford_plaza_retextured view readme inside addon folder for full line to copy safely to dlclist.xml

1.0 initial

1.1 swapped the gucci and macys ads and added macys logo to the canopys to match.

1.2 bug fixes for the LV and coach ads and fixed the brown/mustard textures that were left on the western tunnel entrance.

Download the mod:

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