Riot reduces number of players in VALORANT Deathmatch after Patch 4.03 issues

Riot Games rolled out Patch 4.03 for VALORANT earlier this week, and have since discovered the update has had negative consequences for the game’s deathmatch mode. To remedy these unexpected changes, the devs today announced they will be reducing the number of players in each lobby.

Patch 4.03’s deathmatch changes included removing and changing spawn locations Riot felt were “dangerous,” “improving spawn logic” to spawn players further away from the site of their death, and halving spawn times.

These changes wound up causing other problems for players, including spawning directly in front of other players. In an attempt to reduce these issues, Riot will be reducing the players in Deathmatch from 14 to 12.

This change is expected to be temporary and should only remain in place while the issues are investigated further. A fix will likely be rolled out in a future update that will get things functioning more smoothly for players, but right now there’s no timeframe for when a fix will be introduced.

For now, players can still continue their VALORANT deathmatch play as usual, be it with a few fewer players in each match—and, hopefully, a few less rough spawns too.


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