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What is this?
This is the same as my other Scrapyard job I have but it’s some small changes in the progress, and this one is for QB instead of ESX. This is more optimized and less code.

This is a script that I originally made because we wanted a daily side job that the players could do to earn some cash or items to something else, materials as an example.

You start the job by talking to the ped and he will give you some short info what you are going to do.
You are given a car somewhere on the map that you are supposed to go and get.
When inside the car you should drive it back to the scrapyard and start dissasembling the car.
Open the door, dissasemble the door and leave the door on it’s location, when all the parts is on their location you should take one part at a time and leave it in a scrap container. You’ll see where the scrap container is located on the map, where you should throw the part in.
When all the parts is discarded you can go back to the ped and grab your reward.

You are seeing the objective what you are going to do on the bottom of the screen during the entire job.


  • The language of the job.
  • The ped positon, and where you start the job.
  • The heading of the ped.
  • If you should see a blip where the ped is located.
  • The cooldown time.
  • If all the props should be client or network sided.
  • The amount of cash you should recive as a reward.
  • The time it takes to dissasemble the parts.
  • The different vehicles you can receive to scrap down, easy to add and remove. (4doors only).
  • The spawn points of the car you are going to get, easy to add and remove.
  • And all the translations, easy to add more languages and change the current.
  • You are able to cancel the mission with /endmission.

And as I said at the beginning, this script is less code and more optimized. Less unnecessary functions, threads, steps.
This is my first QB script I’ve done but I’m pretty familiar with lua and esx and this is built on the same but different way so it should’nt be any problems with anything. Contact me if there is any problems anywhere or with anything. And I’ll help you as much as I can.


  • QBCore
  • QB-Target
  • HeidiSQL

:warning: Encrypted?
This script is not encrypted.


You purchase this on my tebex site.
When the payment is completed you will recive a .rar file with everything you need.

:raised_back_of_hand:Contact me:
If you need any support, have any questions or just have any other thoughts please contact me in direct messages or leave a comment under this post.



Pictures below:

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~800
Requirements QB-Core
Support Yes

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-scrapyard-job-qb/4864244

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