Red Dead Online Double Rewards in Call to Arms, Freeroam Missions and All Bounties & More

Get these Rewards by playing the following activities in Red Dead Online starting this Event Month:

2X XP & Gold:

2X RDO$ & XP:

2X Role XP:

3X XP:

3X RDO$:

Also, Red Dead Online players will receive 15 Dynamite and 3 Gravesend Bolas for logging in this month, and those who reach Rank 10 or above at any time over the course of this month’s event will receive 100 rounds of Split Point Rifle Ammo and 50 shells of Incendiary Buckshot Shotgun Ammo.

Featured Series Calendar

July 5 – July 11: Explosive Series

  • Taking up weapons and participating in Call to Arms this week will reward you with an Offer for 50% off the Lemat Revolver

  • Reaching Wave 8 or higher in any Call to Arms Map this week will yield an Offer for a free Varmint Rifle

July 12 – July 18: Hardcore Most Wanted Series

  • Defend innocent bystanders and allies from waves of attackers in Call to Arms this week to receive an Offer for 40% off any Shotgun

  • Criminals who venture on the foul side of the law and complete at least one Blood Money Contract and one Opportunity this week will receive the red Gardenia Hat for their troubles

July 19 – July 25: Hardcore Plunder and Spoils of War Series

  • All willing and able participants in Call to Arms this week will receive an Offer for 30% off any Weapon for standing their ground against the hordes of outlaws

  • Intrepid travelers who participate and complete 2 Free Roam Events will receive a new jacket: the blue Charro Jacket for Males and the blue Ballard Jacket for Females

July 26 – August 1: Hardcore Last Stand Series

  • Finish the month on a strong note by playing Call to Arms to get your hands on a Reward for a free Weapon Component

  • Players who link up with a Permanent Posse to play Call to Arms will receive the red Shaffer Chaps for throwing themselves in the line of duty


50% Off

40% Off

  • Role Weapon Variants
  • Gun Belts & Off-Hand Holsters & Saddlebags
  • Fast Travel Camp Upgrade
  • Gloves

30% Off

  • Improved Bow Variants (from Gus’ Store)
  • Multi-Class Horses
  • Hats

25% Off

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