Red Dead Online Bonuses for Moonshiners, Blood Money Contracts, Freeroam Events & More this Month

Enjoy the following rewards on these activities for all month long in Red Dead Online:

2X RDO & XP:

  • Moonshine Sales
  • Moonshiner Story Missions
  • Free Roam Missions and Free Roam Events

2X RDO, XP & Gold:

Free Community Outfit and Returning Limited-Time Clothing

screenshot of Red Dead Online character

Cut an elegant figure this month by assembling the following ensemble shared by Redditor Tareeky from the Red Dead Fashion subreddit. Simply log in each week this month to receive:

  • June 7 – 13: Drifter Hat and Narrow Neckerchief

  • June 14 – 20: French Dress Shirt (male) / Iniesta Shirtwaist (female) and Opulent Vest

  • June 21 – 27: Tuxedo Pants (male) / McCrum Pants (female) and Preacher’s Pride Boots

  • June 28 – July 4: Shotgun Coat and Embossed Gunslinger Gun BeltDouble XP on Featured Series and More

Double XP on Featured Series and More

June 7 – June 13: Hardcore New Austin Series

June 14 – June 20: Hardcore Pro Series

June 21 – June 27: Hardcore Public Enemy Series

June 28 – July 4: Hardcore Saint Denis Series

Enter and win three matches of any week’s Featured Series before July 4 and you’ll receive a select colorway of the Gator Hat. Moonshiners who complete 5 Sales throughout the course of any single week this month will receive a select colorway of the Manteca Hat. Outlaws who complete 2 Blood Money Crimes and 2 Blood Money Opportunities in a single week will get a pair of Lui Shoes in a select colorway.


75% Off

50% Off

  • Moonshine Shack Relocation Fee and Moonshine Bar Photos

40% Off

30% Off

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