Red Dead Online 3X Rewards on Telegram Missions, Call to Arms, Blood Money, Opportunities & more

Take advantage of another month long bonuses starting today in Red Dead Online, including:

3X RDO$ & XP:

  • A Tough Business” Hardcore Telegram Missions

2X RDO$ & XP:

  • Blood Money Opportunities

2X RDO$, XP & Gold:

Free Community Outfit All Month Long


YouTuber Dare to Game recently shared several of their favorite outfits made up of clothing and accessories available from the pages of the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue. All month, you can claim each of the following items for free to recreate Dare to Game’s rustic take on a traditional cowboy look:

Free Fishing Rod and Bow for Rank 10 Players

Make sure to reach Rank 10 to receive the Fishing Rod and a Reward for a free Bow. Players who have already hit this milestone are also eligible for these gifts.

Featured Series Bonuses


Take part in any Weekly Featured Series this month to earn 3X RDO$ & XP:

  • April 5 – April 11: Elimination Series (Hardcore)

  • April 12 – April 18: Overrun (Hardcore)

  • April 19 – April 25: Takeover Series (Hardcore)

  • April 26 – May 2: Shootout Series (Hardcore)

Other Bonuses and Rewards

Complete 7 Daily Challenges in one week and receive a rare green Patterned Bandana.

Also, completing any mission (Telegram or otherwise) with a Persistent Posse this month will make you earn 5 Rewards for free Fast Travel. As an added bonus, the Persistent Posse fee has been waived for the entirety of this month’s event. All Rewards will be accessible from the Benefits menu, Camp Lockbox, or at the Tailor within 72 hours.


50% Off

Rifle Ammo


30% Off

Outfits and Chaps

Role Outfits

Race Horses


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