[QBCore] [FREE] Banking | NoPixel Inspired – Releases



  • Optimized
  • Full and easy customization
  • Not responsive

:exclamation:Future News

  • Select what account you want to see the transactions like nopixel
  • Do a responsive style


  • Requirements: qb-core
  • Code is accessible: Yes
  • Subscription-based: No
  • Lines: +2000
  • Support: No

Credits: GitHub – ImpulseFPS/simple-banking: simple-banking used with QBCore Framework

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This seems a lot more then “inspired by” one could almost call it “ripped off” :thinking:

wow this has been shared 100 times

Escrowed? I assume not since it’s updated simple-banking.

So whats different from the Simple banking one you linked looks identical to me.

Also you need to provide a direct download

Would love to know the difference between yours and simplebanking

Please include a direct download into your topic.

I believe to follow rules you need a direct download for a free resource, it’s also not free on tebex.

yes it is you just need put 0,0 and you won that for free

My bad, I put 0 earlier and it didn’t work, but i’m still sure you have to add a direct link to follow rules :slight_smile:

I don’t have where to put the direct link

states in the rules FREE you must provide a direct download link … you can add your tebex link to so other people can see your other paid releases

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I don’t have where to put the direct link

You can still advertise your tebex it just has to include the direct link

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Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/qbcore-free-banking-nopixel-inspired/4872109

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