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Well, which one of you has already bought all the Christmas presents? Or does the silent “G” in your name stand for danger and at the same time you are a fan of late-night gas station shopping? Sony must have been digging in Santa’s bag, as this month more games than usual are available for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and some of them even until January 2nd! There are three VR titles this time, paired with three other flat screen titles. All games will be available from November 2nd.

Knockout City (PS4/PS5)

Oh yes, physical education. As a full-blooded nerd, many years before the term “cool” became known (i.e. before the Big Bang Theory) and everyone who now has a console and buys a new FIFA every year called themselves a nerd and gaming nerd, quite challenging. That wasn’t a cakewalk! The combination of a lack of athleticism coupled with a pronounced introversion made any form of selection process led by students very uncomfortable. And now we can all face childhood trauma together with Dodgeball – The Service Game. um Well, more precisely with Knockout City. In this 3D version with a 3rd person view of dodgeball, it’s time to engage in fast-paced and whimsically colorfully animated multiplayer battles. With the second hit our character goes down. The game has everything that genre colleagues from the service game area with a multiplayer focus have already brought to success: Real money shop, seasons, continuous additional free content and the aforementioned multiplayer focus. Regardless of whether rocket league or Fall Guys and Among Us – you already know how things work.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (PS VR)

With a Metacritic rating of currently 81 points, fans of series, comics and zombies can look forward to it Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners a genuine and very good survival adventure in VR. As in the original series, you not only have to deal with hungry undead, but also have to fight off numerous crazy survivors in New Orleans. A great addition to the Halloween month!

The Persistence (PS VR)

In space no one can hear you scream! Ripley had to experience these bitter realizations firsthand in the first film in the Alien series. And also in The Persistence it goes into a SyFy setting: stranded with your spaceship on the edge of a black hole, while the horrors are also spreading inside the spaceship hull, you have to roam further and further through the spacecraft’s facilities and try to banish the danger of the black hole. When attempting the repair work, in addition to fear, tangible obstacles in a mutated form will stand in your way.

Until You Fall (PS VR)

Until You Fall is basically a wilder kind of Beat Saber. Because loosely based on the life motto of the Doom Guy, “Rip & tear”, you fight your way through numerous opponents in the ego view with various weapons and magic. The highlight: you attack to the beat of the epic music, which creates a special flow in the fights. You can do it and here, too, the Metacritic rating of 87 points clearly speaks for this VR pearl. The gameplay reminds me a little bit Typing out the dead. Just with arm instead of finger focus.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (PS4/PS5)

Oh yes, I have a very strange relationship with this game. Alluded to at the time of release on the Xbox but somehow the spark never jumped over. At the same time, the game has been cited in user comments over the years when it came to great action-packed role-playing games. But somehow I never found the time to start again. Then I wanted to play the remaster that is now included in the PS Plus subscription, but reports about the few innovations and the lack of bug fixing stopped me again. But a few weeks ago I finally got it on the PC and what can I say? It’s actually a really good role-playing game in an exciting and well-developed world with a motivating story. So now at the latest: Be sure to check it out! A whole new story addon is currently being developed for the remaster and I couldn’t find any bugs in the main game.

First Class Trouble (PS4/PS5)

To be honest, even after the trailer I didn’t understand what the gameplay of the multiplayer title Frist Class Trouble is supposed to be, which will end up in the PlayStation Plus subscription right after the release. But a little research opened my eyes: a Among Us in third person view! So basically exactly what my crew and I often do in our active Among Us have wished for time. I think we’ll definitely take a look here. And other titles, such as Rocket League or Fall Guys, have quickly built up a large community through the release within the PS Plus subscription. Maybe that will work with Frist Class Trouble too.


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