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FINAL! The year 2021 is drawing to a close and while the VR titles from last month are still available until the end of December, there are again three new titles in the paid PlayStation Plus subscription. From loot slasher to soul-like to a Lego title, you can’t really complain about the lack of variety in the titles.

Godfall: Challenger Edition (PS4 / PS5)

Godfall was originally marketed as a potential PS5 system seller. According to the developer, it should be a “loot slasher”, a kind of Diablo from the third person view and at the same time knock every NextGen gamer off his feet with a bombastic graphic. And don’t get me wrong, Godfall turned out to be a solid and very pretty game. Unfortunately, apart from the graphics, it has little playful depth, but offers a really fun co-op mode. In my opinion, the game suffered most from the numerous bugs at the release and the continuous reuse of enemy types and levels. The Challenger Edition is just right: the bugs are gone, but every newcomer can start right away at the maximum level if desired and also unlocks various new endgame game modes without the original but very annoying grind. So it is ideal for sniffing your way through visually still very appealing fantasy worlds with friends and family over the holidays. I’ll definitely have another look in co-op and try out a few other Valor plates.

Mortal Shell (PS4, PS5)

Yes OK. Soulslike titles are a dime a dozen. Really good Soulslike titles are the exception again. And Soulslike titles that come with exciting gameplay innovations are a real rarity. But you can find all of that in Mortal Shell. Because even if it is by far not an AAA production and is therefore relatively linear, it still brings a breath of fresh air into the genre with the sleeves. Because you are actually just the white figure from the trailer, who can do little to oppose the monsters in battles. For this you will find covers on your journey that you can man. These provide special weapons, movement options and different status values. And instead of traditionally blocking, you can let your body petrify for a short time. Should you ever go down, the fight is not over yet. Instead, you will be thrown out of the shell and, given your timing and skill, can return to it and heal it completely. Definitely worth a closer look for those who like it a little harder. By the way, PS5 owners get the upgraded Enhanced Edition with a slightly better look and a stable 60fps.

LEGO DC Super Villains (PS4)

In this Lego game in the DC universe, the famous heroes disappear and the world is attacked by their evil versions from another dimension. So it is now up to the super villains to unite and save the world. This involves collecting, building and jumping, just like you would from all the other titles in the Lego series from tt Games. This time you can also make your own super villain.

You don’t have a PlayStation Plus yet and you want it too? Then just take a look at, there are different ones PlayStation Plus offers.


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