Pfister Stardust [Add-On | Tuning]

“In the eighties, if you wanted to impress a drug baron’s mistress, driving an Albany wasn’t enough. You’d need at least a few pounds of cocaine and the best luxury grand tourer available at the time, and this is where the Stardust comes into play. A car fast enough to outrun any pursuer, be it a mob of angry argentines or a hit squad sent to rub you out. Just be careful not to get bullet holes on the tartan trim.”

The Pfister Stardust is primarily based on the Porsche 928, with a few design cues from other Pfisters and sketches created by SilentSoul21 and Joe Pesci at Vanillaworks. Big thanks to everyone there who helped me get this vehicle in-game as well as their input on the process. It features a few simple customization parts and two extra sport wheels.

K1LLFANTASY – Porting the model into the game, implementation of customization parts, design ideas and suggestions.
Dani02 – Assistance with porting, resolving glass shards and creating the dirt map.
LamboFreak – The nice roaring V8 sound that comes from the exhaust.
Raysore, AbsolutelyHalal, saldin93, GOM, K1LLFANTASY, NastyWiNN3R, Sealyx – The wonderful pictures you see above, in order.
Sangckrona – The beautiful render that covers this mod page.

Open the ZIP archive and drop the folder stardust into modsupdatex64dlcpacks
Then go to modsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata and add the line


to dlclist.xml

Spawn name: stardust

Disclaimer: Modifying this package and its contents, uploading it elsewhere as is or in a changed state and/or using it on FiveM servers without author’s explicit permission is prohibited.

Download the mod:

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