[Paid][MLO][MAP] Pharmacy MLO (Dollar Pills) – Releases

Buy It Here:
No Cap Developments – Tebex Store


  • Reflective Floors

  • Breakable Glass Doors – Good for shooting

  • Perfect Layout for a robbery

  • Safe included at the back

  • Support Included

The perfect pharmacy for a robbery or a shop! Preview Below:

Code is accessible N/A – Map
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A – Map
Requirements Server Build 4960+ and Game Build 2189+
Support Yes


Amazing, works flawlessly. 9.9/10

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Thank you, glad to hear you enjoy my work :slight_smile:

loved walked in it and killed cops in it it was great. didn’t find any bugs 6.9/10
or 9.6/10

Wow man this thing has such a PHAT Pill!!!

Personally got some good pics with the twerking statues

Hahaha yeah, makes for a great photo location :rofl:

Very seggys! Super shiny make me haps!


My opinion it’s worth more than what he’s asking, it’s overall a great MLO and hope to see more come in from you Hazzerman.

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Great fun, the statues make it from good to great

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Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-mlo-map-pharmacy-mlo-dollar-pills/4864204

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