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Back with another release! This was was released for QBCore for a while, but decided to take our time on ESX to support all Menu’s and Inputs


City Services is something we decided to create as we collectively saw a lack of script’s in the community providing a base structure for servers to handle job selection, licensing, player-owned businesses and even some integration for our future criminal scripts. Thus came the idea for city services a script that will bring server owners a one-stop-shop for Job Selection, Licensing, and Purchasing System for Player Owned Businesses and will lay a base platform to work with our future scripts!


  • Job Selection – Players can still select basic starting jobs as before with qb-cityhall but now we’ve refined it and brought it all to a central location along with more info on jobs description pay etc.
  • Licensing – Players can also access all their licensing needs right at city hall anything from lawyer licenses to id’s and driver licenses.
  • Pickup Counter – Players can collect their requested licenses from the pickup counter (QBCore Only)
  • POB Purchasing– Players can now purchase player-owned businesses server owners set up right from city hall even adding a feature to make business license required before being able to purchase. Also once a business is purchased players will have to communicate with the business owner to be hired!
  • Preconfigured compatibility for ShmannWorks DOJ
  • Preconfigured compatibility for Gabz TownHall


Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1,575
Requirements qb-target, qb-menu, qb-input
Support Yes


  • Includes our new SD-Menu (Free Release) (Supports All Menu’s And Inputs)
  • Menu Support: nh-context v1, nh-context v2, zf_context, qb-menu
  • Input Support: nh-keyboard v1, nh-keyboard v2, zf_dialog, qb-input
Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3,730
Requirements ESX Legacy, qtarget, esx_license
Optional ox_inventory
Support Yes


ESX: https://www.sloppydesigns.com/package/5178653
QBCore: https://www.sloppydesigns.com/package/5147649


This looks quite good and all, but how is this 3730 lines? Did you like count all the config text and stuff too?

the 3730 lines are mainly due to sd-menu, which is 2248 lines of code,

It supports all Font Awesome Free icons which are 2,011 icons in total.

Regarding including config, and text, the rules say Lines, so this includes, config, locale, client, and server-side.

Hope that clears it up

So the rest of the 1500 lines are fr just to give out jobs, trigger a menu export, give a couple items etc?

Correct yes, Player Owned Business, Player Jobs, Player Licenses, Registered Companies (Currently Not Used, This will be used with other resources), and a lot in-depth menus of course like Renaming Company, Investing Into Company, Changing The Type, Target stuff, etc…

Best script and good staff

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Okay, good work mate. Just seems a little odd why the line amount is so high.
Looking forward to see even more releases from you in the future :fire:

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There is a lot more to it than meets the eye, Job information menu’s, job hourly rate, etc… but they are not made up lines, there is some screenshots on tebex that might make it more clear in how depth it is, i’m working on a new website design that will include showcase previews in the future and thanks for the kinds words! :heart_eyes:

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video will be added once the new website is launched, in the meantime we have a showcase server where you can check the scripts out.

kinda od how all your scripts look like core :smile:

I have made alot more scripts then the crafting system and my multi jobs system.
At the time of making those scripts I didnt own a single core script, every line is written and hand made by me. They are ofcourse inspired by “Core”, which is even stated in the thread, I simply wanted to improve what upon the idea he had since it is very old and outdated by now.

I have mad respect for people like Core and would never steal any of his code or something like that. Simply keeping his legacy / what he left behind alive.

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-esx-qbcore-cityservices/4876559

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