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Yes, it’s me again.

This script has also been out for a long time just never bothered to make a post about it.

This is the counterpart of Traders, you can say it’s a little brother or a little sister.


This Resource allows your server to have a Ped wander or placed on the map in whatever areas you chose and allow your citizens to sell any goods you set the buyer to purchase! The script is highly customizable and is fully editable and unencrypted!


  • Supports Multiple Shops and Peds
  • Set Any Location
  • Set Any Items the Buyer Accepts
  • Set Open & Closing Time
  • Static Or Wandering NPC
  • Set Limited Or Unlimited Sales
  • Set Random Buyer Select With Amount
  • Single Or Random Coords Selection
  • Target Ready
  • Ped can be armed with a weapon
  • Voice Clips for interaction
  • Blip Support
  • Link to Job or Gang Support (Gang QBCore Only)
  • Peds are Server Side Synced


Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 486
Requirements qb-menu, qb-input, qb-target
Support Yes


Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 563
Requirements nh-context, nh-keyboard, swt_notifications, ESX (OneSync Legacy Or Infinity Required)
Support Yes

** nh-context and nh-keyboard all versions are supported, including zf-context


ESX: https://www.sloppydesigns.com/package/5030775
QBCore: https://www.sloppydesigns.com/package/5012714

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What’s the difference with traders?

Traders are to buy items from NPC (Like a walking, or npc shop), Buyers NPC buys items from the player (Like a walking or pawn shop idea)

Traders = Player Buys
Buyers = NPC Buys

Hope that explains the difference.

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Awesome, does the script allow for selling in bulk on the trader side?

I mean… it would have been better a re-release with both trader/buyer in 1 resource for $20 than 2 for $30

Yes, it will pop up with a menu with the amount you want to buy for ESX, for QBCore it uses the inventory shop you can put the amount you want to buy, just like a normal shop, and with the amount set in config, you can limit how many players can buy at a time.

Could yes, but they are not the same, even do very similar, the code is very different, only thing that’s similar is the ped system that’s server-side synced.

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-esx-qbcore-buyers/4867266

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